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Landscape, Cityscape and Portrait Photography and FineArt Printing

First of all welcome and thank you for visiting my website! I hope you share at least part of my passion for photography and enjoy looking at my images. I certainly enjoyed taking them.

I am an Austrian assistant doctor in surgery and I started photography as a hobby in summer 2013. From the very beginning I was just fascinated with the endless possibilities of aesthetical and emotional expression. Always looking for that unique moment, that one gesture, that smile, that unpredictable incident and that magic touch of light made me look at our world with different eyes. For me, photography is all about that moment, the compositional balance and beauty of color. Using the available light to make the subject shine quickly became a passion, regardless of wheter it is about a landscape or a portrait.


Even though it began as a mere hobby, I am flattered and happy to have earned quite a bit of recognition in a relatively short amount of time. Amongst others, I have been acknowledged by the exclusive online photogallery a couple of times, who published a few of my images on their front page. On the more competitive online gallery I had my images regularly among the very top images worldwide for the respective day, once even landing on the very first spot in all photography categories ("Rain Has Passed"). In August 2014 I had my first image appear in a big international photography magazine ("Lightning over Bryce Canyon" in "Digital Camera Magazine").

Very recently I participated in an international photography competition ("TRIERENBERG SUPER CIRCUIT") for the very first time and won a Gold Medal ("Into The Blue") as well as got a second place ("Lightning Over Bryce Canyon") in another official category.

I have focused my photography on landscapes and cityscapes so far, but I love taking portrait shots as well. My goal here is to show natural beauty and emotion, sometimes using dramatic, hollywood-esque light and an artistic approach, but strictly without over-the top (magazine cover-like) editing. 

Want to have your portrait taken?


I invite you to join me on my photographic journey, let's hope for good light on our way!


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